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Attorney Anat Molson -  medical malpractice

Tel. 03-6025060,

Experience of over 14 years in medical negligence and physical injuries.
LLB degree in law.
Admission to the Israeli Bar.
Affiliate law firm "Nevo Molson" that is the leader in this field.
Provisions of the various courses of medicine for lawyers.
Member Forum on property and commission of medicine and Justice in the Bar.
Member of the Israeli Association for the rights of patients.
Member of the Israeli Medical Association and Justice.
Lecturer, speaking to the lawyers and doctors on medical negligence and physical injuries.
Works as an arbitrator and certified mediator.
Experience of hundreds of victims of medical negligence and severe accidents, mainly in the following areas :
Pregnancy and childbirth (LSO, intellectual disability, deformities, errors in ultrasonic diagnosis, etc.)
Children (premature, inappropriate care, circumcision, later diagnosed diseases, etc.)
Ophthalmology (laser operation to remove glasses, LASIK, fotorefraktivnaya keratektomiya, cataract, etc.)
Oncology (later diagnosis of malignant and benign neoplasms, improper treatment, etc.)
Various operations (spine, heart, brain, internal organs, organ transplantation, etc.)
Pharmacy (VIOXX, DES, wrong dose, mistakes in prescriptions, etc.), satellite (liposuction, ushivanie stomach, a change in the form of nose, ears, breasts, lips, etc.)
Medical errors (later diagnosis of disease, wrong dose of medicine, etc.)
Infection (aggressive virus (A streptococcus), klebsiella, infection of premature babies, children and adults).
Serious accidents (traffic accidents, accidents at work, injuries as a result of lack of safety, etc.).
Anat Molson handles some of the largest and most famous cases of medical negligence and physical injuries.
For primary assessment of the case, you can contact Anat Molson in one of the following ways :

1. By telephone : 03-6025060
2. By fax : 03-6025062
3. By cell phone : 052-4787850
4. By Email

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